Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day Fire works.
yep that time of year again.out of a total of 249 photos taken this night i had two that i was happy with. theses are the ballarat Australia day fire works. Woot! going to enter in a comp for them tomorrow. (mine are much better then the papers lol) :)i haven't seen the ones Andrew took but i will post some if he gives me the consent.

These are three of the t-shirts i have air brushed. the blue one is a dud as i accidentally did the order of stencils backward :S
oh well they are meant for practice.

(if u do not get the toilet pun scroll down to the X-mas post.....)

Andrew sent this off to his to his auntie who gave his his treasured mini. It took a while but we were pleased with the end result as we were trying to cook a roast for nine at the same time......

Friday, January 23, 2009

There has been quite a bit happening around me at the moment.


Andrew was once again interviewed by the news paper and appeared on page two on Monday. he was portrayed as an eager uni student but in reality was not overly interested at what coarse he was accepted in to and only looked up the coarse details yesterday when questioned what the study entailed.

TONIGHT: Tertiary offers posted online from 6.30pm

18/01/2009 11:50:00 PM
ANDREW Bennett is ready to ride out his next big adventure.

University offers are sent out across the state today and the Ballarat Secondary College dux will be tinkering on his car as he anticipates the mail.

Mr Bennett is hopeful of working in the music and sound industry or completing an engineering or electronic degree.

He has applied at Victoria University, RMIT and Swinburne but a number of his offers will rely on his application rather than his impressive ENTER score of 93.35.

"My first preference isn't based on my ENTER score, there is an application process," Mr Bennett said.

"It was this huge application that asks you everything about yourself.

"Why you want that course and what you hope to achieve in it."

His school mates will also be sitting by the mailbox, a number hoping for scholarships or having received grants.

"(Scholarships) opened a few weeks ago and they have all been filling forms in," Mr Bennett said.

"A few got grants just after the ENTER scores were released, so I'm sure they will be waiting eagerly."

Mr Bennett already has a mountain of achievement.

He has recently attended a Salvation Army camp focusing on social justice as well as keeping himself busy working on his 1978 Leyland Mini.

"I have just focused on relaxing and trying to wind down," he said.

"I think I will take a year of, my next aim is to raise $500,000 to give to charity.

"I am involved with sponsoring a group in Sydney called Urban Neighbours of Hope and keen on supporting them.

"You help people in rough suburbs who are part of a struggling community."

Mr Bennett is also eager to keep ticking off his life's ambitions.

"I have a car, so now maybe a house and shares but there needs to be a lot of research in that," hes said.

* University offers will be available online from 6.30pm through The Courier website at


I have been taking steps to start out my t-shirt and custom design fashion business.

-I have registered for an ABN and such documentation.

- designed and purchased business cards and return address labels.

- Purchased an air brush and fabric paints.

- purchased sample t-shirts to practice on and give to family members. and no they do not get a choice, yet will accept the gifs with open arms and optimism.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

on my second attempt (that i actually completed) at making a corset i made a corset out of a mans shirt. i have been trying to find a pattern that will look go on me. as i an a some say "flat as a board" and currently a size six (not as fun as it sounds) it makes it difficult to make corsets for myself. so i thought i would post what it looks like before attacking it with a quick un-pick and hopefully make this one fit.