Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cake pops are the brain child of Bakerella, no that's not here name but it is her cooking site. This very smart lady has created a new trend in tasty treats.
I have been seeing theses pop up (he he i made a joke) for a while now while looking at different cakeing sites. I have been wanting to try them and so i decided that i would give them a go.
Cake pops are a crumbled cake mixed with frosting, rolled in to balls frozen, poked with a stick and covered in colored chocolate. They are both simple yet fiddly. In my attempt I used a soft vanilla cake recipe and used her suggested frosting. The result as you can see wasn't to bad for my first try.
1, my first reaction to tasting one was YUCK!
2, the choc was far too thick, needs thinning.
3, the cake was all squishy and cold

I had intended to take them to life group (salvos bb study) but decided that they weren't good enough. So i put them in my clear cake plate with a dome, that lives on the bench and is there for anyone to eat from. I had expected dad to kindly tell me they were bad and then bin the lot. However he was quit taken by them and ate quiet a few that evening. the next cupple of days other family members had a go and also seemed to like them. It took me a while to work out the problem. the ingredients of the pops are highly milky and as i have a intolerance to lactose i stay away for those sort of products. So the cakes are actually ok to eat, but as i am not used to eating the milk it tasted terrible to me! Strange hey! so my issue is now.... i love baking but how am i to tell if it tastes good! bi think i may have re aquatint my self to the taste of "real" food :O

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am currently going about making some dresses from scratch not just patterns but fully drafting. i find this process slightly frustrating but it's not top bad. The main problem at the moment is that I am very distracted. for some reason i can't seen to stick to task and manage to waist my time doing something else! So my plan is if i post my idea i will have to see it through :) at least that's the plan.

I picked up this lovely fabric today on a really good special. It is cotton sateen or something similar. I just love the sound it makes when moved. I am a big fan of having my dress sound good as well as look good, like how a nice petticoat will give off a pleasant russle? Does that make sense? Oh well, I get it any way.

I was thinking on making it along theses lines. i think the skirt is a little full for day were tho? do you agree? I think the v back would be a good challenge for me, obviously the zip would have to be on the side. I have made a few dresses with side zips and on a whole i think i can make the dress look neater.
i am going to do a little sketch and play around with a few elements to see what i can change and so on :) i would like it to sit nicely with and without a petticoat.