Saturday, January 23, 2010

as Australia day is on Tuesday, i went out to find myself a shirt to wear at work. i found a lot of fairly tacky but good shirts, they all had the same problem tho "MADE IN CHINA"
now why may i ask must all the patriotic shirts be made very un-patriotically?
so i made a very simple shirt today, (i am busy at the moment and really its only for one day)

see simple but made in Australia, unfortunately after further inspection on the tag its not made in Australia!!!!! just aus cotton very silly!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow long time no blog!
So a lot has been going on lately with work x-mas and just chaos in general its been pretty crazy.
So today at work I am talking to one of my customers ( I talk a lot at work otherwise I get bored and forget to say anything at all) and I notice her awesome (somewhat familiar)bag. Naturally I complement her and she gives me her card! (this also happens a bit)
So tonight I cheeked it out only to find that I know her blog!!!! I have it in my computer bookmarks and my current bag was constructed on the base design of one of her tutorials!!! Wow totally awesome! Today i met one of my heroes and didn’t even realize it