Monday, May 31, 2010

Things in your home that make you smile.

My Place and yours The new theme is: things in your home that make you smile.
There are much more but my camera is out of batteries so i am relying on old pics...

MY Cat Ari

My bear that i've had scince i was three, sad but true

The things this guy sais makes me smile <3


Thursday, May 20, 2010

In BIG news my sister is having a baby!!!!! two lovely sibling pregnant at once! this means i can retry my hand at quilting of course!! i have been following the beautiful work of SEW this is my life blog for a while now, i am very inspired from her designs and amazing work.

One of my sisters is a out going free spirited person that lives in broken hill with her husband and child :) she is loves loud fabrics witch is awesome because i have been looking at fabrics and thinking yes that would be nice"but i'ts just not hopes style. Hope my more conservative sister,make no mistake she's not boring (also pregnant) is more in to soft light shades.... so in the end i can now make one light baby quilt and one loud bright one YEY. ok i really don't know if anyone bothers to read my blog or really cares but i'm excited.

This is the only Quilt i have made. (more so completed) a tribute to Dr WHO and the Tardis, i made it for my partners Christmas present, it's double bed size and quite heavy. i can look at it now in love but when i was making it i was so sick of blue!!!!
it's made of recycled fabrics including the wadding.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yey for the wonders of eBay!
i was bidding on two patterns this week unfortunately i didn't get my first choice, a lovely bathing suit pattern BUT i did get this one :)
i am not totally thrilled with the look and am honestly a bit scared to take it out of it's cover. Anyway enough of my winging it is still over 70 yrs old and a totaly awesome brag pattern!
i will carefully trace this pattern on pattern paper no scissors going near this prize!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Place & Yours

This weeks theme on My Place & Yours is proud!
this is very good timing for me. i lituraly just finished screwing the last screw in this cupboard. it's technically a pantry, i brought it at fantastic furniture. the front was a very boring white covered chipboard like many of the plat pack items available these days. I decided it was a little dull so using an "cat blanket" and a dona cover from the op shop, i covered the front doors. i think it is a vast improvement. however all this assembling has left me with a messy room and no tea!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This weekend in ballart there has been a lovely show of vintage clothing cars and bicycles. One of the exhibitions has these awesome bathers! i have always thought that bathers have gone down hill in recent years, so here are a few awesome examples of past genius!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Place & Yours

This weeks theme for my place and yours is..Your favourite spot in the house.

There are a lot advantages of been in a big family! the most obvious is when they all move out you get lot's of space. (just kidding i do love my family for more then that)we have a great room out the back of the house, This is most defiantly my favorite place in the house. More specifically however is my big table. I made this table out of two old door found at a demolition place and the legs are two saw horses that i also made out of an old packing crate. as you may have guessed it's not the most sophisticated table but it does the job well! i have recently covered it with this awesome sheet and a layer of PVC plastic over the top. this makes it easy for cleaning!

I beg your pardon for thew mess I am half way through an new dress