Thursday, July 30, 2009

We went out last night to celebrate Andrew. and he in turn gave his mother and i roses!!!!! they are just beautiful!

Monday, July 27, 2009

if anyone needed any more reason to suspect that Andrew is amazing i have further prof. yesterday Andrew was awarded with the prime ministers award!!!!! only 17 in AUSTRALIA!!!!!!! get this award.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

so i spent one and a half days on this petticoat. i was pov and got the cheep fabric and that is why it does not function like it should. i wouldnt try making this unless you have a fair amount of patience/ a really stubborn streak (mine is the latter. it all so takes .........

Things you need
1. 3.6m of tulle or crinoline*
2. About 14.6m of 7/8" ribbon
3. 1/4" twill tape (equal to your waist measurement)

oh well i guess I'll just wait for a good sale then start afresh. this pattern is from the lovely Sugardale .

oh look hers actually looks like it should oh well :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This morning i opened the door the let Joshua in and found that he had died. Some one knowing that he was ours left him in a towel in a box at the front door.

Joshua came to us as a kitten along with his brother Calab. They were cute kittens no doubt about that. Josh has led a quiet yet eventful life more of it been half tame half wild. Over tree moves he has stayed with us, always taking off for a week or so but he never failed to return. HE brought as various parts of his nights kill to share, the worst of which was an entire rabbits head ( needless to say wen i found him with it he was purring, in thinking he had given us a lovely gift)Over the last two years however Josh had gotten old and with that came a change of heart, sure he would still occasionally bite mums head, but he became nicer. yesterday he spent most of the day sitting next to me on the computer and occasionally having a go at my lunch.

these are the only photos i found of him (camera shy) and i don't know if the one with bytha is even josh\

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well yesterday i watched Andrew fly away on a plane to Sydney. i got lost on the way home and had a good cry but a lovely man and women form the information center sent me on my way, i think they felt sorry for me they were very nice and i was very stressed. so it ended up that Andrew arrived in Sydney and i was just getting myself out of geelong.oh well that's bound to happen with my awkward sense of direction. was at work for 9 hrs to day now i am pooped