Monday, January 24, 2011

Today is a good day. The weather is just nice and the shopping is great!
OK, so at the moment I am saving money for an deposit so I can buy a car that is not falling apart as I drive :O Some things tho you just can't pass up.

When shopping I ask my self do I really like these?
Will I like theses tomorrow?
Do they have a function that will be uses on a regular basis?
Now I do not say "do I need these?" , I think 'need' is a good word but if we only go on need and not who would ever have fun?

Any way so my justification is there...... but that often goes out the window.
for example....I saw theses beautiful pastel and gold tea cups. Made in England and sporting some significant creator (whom I have forgotten) all were in different colors with matching sauces . There were in a set of eight! yes i know how often do they come in so many? so i said to my self MINE!!!!!!!! then reality unfortunately hit, as they topped a whopping $65 I teared my eyes away to discover a better bargain.

My pretty treasures all for $10
Five desert glasses
For shot glasses that match some exiting cups I already have
Four small round glasses, i will be using these for musses
And three black tiles? pitty there went more but i plan to cover the bottons with fabris and use them as coasters
I am constantly amazed at the talent people have around the world, I have just discovered this incredible artist! These dolls are so lifelike, there are comparison in some pictures for the original doll and the transformation is incredible!

His website lyes Here

"Noel Cruz is one of the most versatile and distinguished repaint artists in the doll community. He is most recognized for his character and celebrity based dolls due to their uncanny resemblance to the people they portray. His dolls are derived from several models like Gene, Tyler, Sydney, etc, by various dollmakers such as Robert Tonner and Franklin Mint. His repaints as well as his portraits are done with intricate detail to the point of being naturally lifelike in essence. Highly regarded among collectors and artists alike, Noel attempts to raise the bar and bring a fresh take to the common mass produced doll with every face he paints."quote

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh little Clementine

Clementine Audrey Schultz. Born 1.05pm 9/01/2011 via VBAC. [That means normal birth :)]. Weight 3.26kgs [7 pound 4 ounces], length 52cm, head circumference 33cm. and lost of lovely hair!
Yey! my little nice has arrived :) so i made a cake.... Please forgive the roughness and not so good quality of the cake, it's my first butter cream. I started after tea (with much enthusiasm) and by the time ten o'clock came around I had almost lost interest. I tried my first roses and they failed but i was not expecting them to work so I'm not worried :) it's all about learning But here it is...

The strange pattern is an result of my attempt at an smoothing technique, it did work to a degree. But as you see the paper towel i was using held a pattern that embossed the cake . Oh well
The swirls were too thick and the only round tip i had was far to big.
ohh look at my Christmas cake plate :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The other day hope suggested getting a passport belt for added security while in Hong Kong. I have been looking at some examples and decided it is, (if not a tad paranoid) a good idea. the prices for these contraptions range from a few dollars from the reject shop -at the most around the $5o mark. Obviously I decided that I could knock one up quite easily, so i did. It fits my passport snugly in the middle section, leaving two others for whatever I may need at the time.It's a tad rough, i didn't really have a plan and simply started sewing. Unlike some other of my adventures this week it turned out exactly to my needs ( almost).

(excuse my tummy) it sits quite flush when my passport is in it, as long as i do not over stuff it, it should work fine :). I had a thought tho i should not wear it at the airport in case it look as if i am intending to smuggle something.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

....and cherry makes three

I have made another peg apron, we now have three. I do love the aprons they are so practical :) however as a strange debate has irrupted around people stealing others pegs..... i have solved problem or at least i hope by a new apron. I like this design the best so far, the first i made had too deep holes for the pockets. As one bends down to retrieve a dropped peg many more fall out in the process and creates more work.
So the third.....Tori chose the fabric originally for and over shoulder bag, i brought too much of the fabric not knowing at that time what design we would make . Happily there is still some left and the cute pattern may appear here in a different form. oh! and hand painted cherries on the front to break up the black.

Secondly i have made a quick over shoulder bag for myself, made from some of the scraps received in a bag from a friends friend :) the outer is orange velvet that had been dyed green, if fells lovely ( I would have chosen a darker green if i could tho).

the inside is of some stripey synthetic of some sort and the light green is curtain material. Perhaps not in the current fashion but hopefully with it's zip and magnetic clasp it will deture wandering hands while I'm in Hong Kong :)