Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A zombie ate my cupcake!

This little book is a ripper! The title alone drew me in, A Zombie ate my cupcake,it just sounds marvelous from the beginning. The book tells you how to create edible masterpieces of gore. Now as in most cook books there are a few recipes that you would need an art degree to pull off bet surprisingly %90 are actually doable. Thank you Lily Vanilli here is her blog page

I only got the book yesterday afternoon, but a guy in my class had his Birthday today so it was a good opportunity to try one. I attempted Rainbow Cupcakes.
Now don't be fooled making these made a lot more dishes then the run of the mill cupcakes. at least five bowls, a mix master and over trays. But all up It was totally worth it. word to the wise you can't use normal food dye you need the gel stuff that you can get at cake stores. Yes you actually do because I decided to test this theory and I used normal food dye for the red section...... exactly there is no red :( it ended up a light pink brown shade, not very bright or stunning.I had some gels already from my birthday cake.

The colors were not as vibrant as the book but the food dye was in softish tones.

My Place & Yours

This week the lovely Danielle wanted to know why you live where you do?
I live in a smallish post gold rush town with My Father and younger Sister. We moved to this house a few years ago and as Dad seems happy to stay here this is were we are. I am 21 and still living at home. I have not yet moved out or away as the margority of my siblings. Why you may ask, well I'm not bludging to much :). i take care of myn younger sister who has a disability, and i allos do the "womens work" around the home. Yep that's about all the reasons. I am relatively young and hope that in a few years if someone asks again i will have a more interesting tale.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

look what i got today! isn't it marvelous? Sophia and i were looking at head phones and i came out with this.. It was actually a silly thing to buy at the time because it is heavy and it was raining out side and i had to tramp it back to uni. Oh well she was still totally worth it :D I got it at a really good price. later i was feeling a lil guilty when i saw a crappy one in an op-shop that was the same price so score one Katie :D

Do you think it will inspire me to clean up the sewing room?.......

I have enjoyed sewing for as long back as i can recall. I've been taught by my sister and a little by mum but mostly it has been a personal learning experience. I have made a lot of disasters and learnt a lot. I normally make clothes for my self as for most people finding a dress that you like and one that fits are two very difficult things.

Lately however i have been trying my hand at quilting again making a lot of mistakes but i am on to a new one and it's looking good :) here is a sneek peek

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Place & Yours

show me what's in your handbag...

I had a clean out last week so there is not to much mess in my bag.... yet.

One set of keys + long bright lanyard that can be found quickly
Tic-tac not my favorite but handy nun the less
Last weeks shopping list
Band aid, only one left must refill stock
Pencil case, contains pens actually
and my bag

Yes now wasn't that just trilling ! I do hope others have more fun things in there's
Feel free to join in and play My Place and yours

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Place & Yours

This weeks theme for my place & yours is: what's the last thing your brought for yourself?
The last thing I brought was a bag of potato chips but other then that i got this cute lil pattern of e-bay. i thought it would be nice to make a fun little summer dress or an nightie perhaps? something that looks better then the ones old ladies in hospitals were (no offense to those who like those nighties)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Drugs come with lack of wisdom or so it seems...

I had a wisdom tooth extracted on Wednesday, This lead to a whole lot of pain. The tooth or where it was is not the problem. my unknowing dentist moved my jaw when he was getting the charming thing out! this hurts!!! I have not been able to open my mouth more then a intch for the past four days witch suprisingly makes it hard to eat, thank goodness foe wheat bix! they slide down well :)On the up side today I've been to see a GP and he has given me a lovely dose of strong painkillers and muscle relaxants! he also told me to take the week of Uni witch is a bummer but i will hopefully be able to get a good amount of assignment work done.

Monday, August 2, 2010