Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Its spring or so they tell us and what better way to celebrate then a new veggie garden!
we have had a few in the pat but they were at the back of the yard and tended to get forgotten and overun by weeds. so this time i decided to make a garden box and have it visible, hopefully this will encourage this patch to actually survive!
The box is made from two cut up wooden pallets from the side of the road.

The dogs were a little too interested in the new dirt so some of the little ones are covered up untill they decide the patch is boring, or so i hope!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello this week helloowl set the topic of A day in your life. so this was my Monday. Hope yours was more exciting.
Vacumed, our carpet is one of those horible ones that never seem to stop shedding fibers.
Dad's washing
Feed the fish and the cats. tTen cleaned out the tank again! these are the messiest fish we have ever had! we have two Martin my sisters and Teal'c my fish
Two weeks ago we had five birds, then last week three, I went out to feed the birds and now we are down to one. No i am not negligent the frost gets the poor little things by surprise. they lasted the winter to die in spring :(. I'm a little worried about the look of the last one he is SOOOO FAT!! i think he may have eaten a bit of a dead one before i realized they died :S
Lunch, i kept forgetting to snap a pic until after i had eaten, oh well.
Coffeeeeee no more said
Got ready for work, we must look our best now.
Off to work, Very exciting. All ready to scan and node my head and smile at customer jokes.
Here is my dad's and Sisters dinner, I prepared these earlier. I do love the freezer some times!
My dinner yumm..... i was not in the mood to wait for frozen dinner to thore.
Went to Andrews house to get advice on a current project. Sometimes you need a mum's advice:) thanks Cristine. Then Home to bed

Monday, September 6, 2010

I know the only one who looks at my blog is my sister but oh well...... LOOOOOK i have a new niece Rachael Ava W.

They are not the best picture the lighting was dull and i was to excited to stay still long enough!

I am the first to admit that swimming is just not my style. However I don't object to having lovely swim wear. I particularly like Vintage styles. These are some interesting ones out at the moment. For Luna Swimwear. Personally i am more fond of the earlier styles but these are very cute!