Monday, April 11, 2011

“Has anyone seen my pins?” this is a all too common theme to our house, for some reason although I have HEAPS of pins I can never find them! for my birthday Tab made me the cutest little pin cushion in a mini tea cup.

I have seen cup cake pin cushions but haven’t gotten around to making one. So I made a larger version of tabs. I used a tea cup I brought from the op shop, the pattern I loved but the china is very heavy and thick. The inside is allot smaller then the outside and it just doesn’t feel right. So I used that one for the cushion. Instead of fabric I used some left over rolled felt, curled it around in a spiral, (held together with a few stitches). Then lots of glue around the edge.

Well I was on a roll and I still had to many pins so I decided to use the top of my thread jar. This one was simple and a logical place to Have a cushion.