Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ok so i finally got to go see the new moon saga last night.
over all the movie was grate and was a definite up grade to the first.

1. The first shot of what i believe to be as same in wolf form was not up to par with some of the computer graphics of the time, the lycans in underworld were more realistic and that was made in what 2003? the wolves got better from this point when they were running, perhaps they shouldn't do to many close ups in the next film?

2. The portrayal of where Bella starts to see Edward when he's not there was really well done! The brooding vampire was more ink then ghost, not unlike the people in the memories of harry potter. The ghost Edward also seemed to be avoiding eye contact which was interesting. Oh and did the room erupt when the now filled out and rather sexy Jacob took of his shirt!!!!! The girls squealed and made appreciated “arrs “ and ‘’oooo’s” as the men seamed to sink lower in the their chairs not wanting to be used on comparison.

3. The story line changed in places and the most obvious of these was in the chamber scene with the Volturi, Marcus, Aro, and Caius. Edward was thrown around quite a bit at this point even cracking his chiselled face. I understand why they felt the need to make such a detour from the book, the movie doesn’t seam to portray the Volturi as powerful just a few vampires in a room the fast paces fight brought the fear that was needed to those who haven’t bothered to read the book.

4. The original Cullen’s have been altered in this film. All appear to be wearing to much make up and the difference in the skin colour in the first film are alarming.
The lovely rose is drowning in her fake eye’s and to overpowering lipstick, the first move was praised with not going with the stereotyped vampires but the table has changed. Both Alice and jasper seamed to be more like glorified dolls then the original pear, jasper i am glad to say was left alone remaining slightly darker skinned then the rest. I’m not sure if this new look was meant to make the quilutes seam extremely tanned or they just let the makeup artist have a little to much fun.
5. The movie did have a few laughs, a few quick jokes to break up the normally ‘’emo” atmosphere. We did get some teenage boys in our session that were clearly dragged along by their girlfriends. At an most lovely peace were Edward proposes to Bella the boys apparently thought this to sappy and loudle objected. Perhaps they fear the idea of mage seeping in the girls heads?
So all up the movie was great not as good as the book but still a winner!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Working on a set of custom t-shirts for a local recording company the logo is cool and is a fun shade of purple, I have done all expect for three witch I can’t seem to buy, I never knew how hard it was to get a basic male medium unprinted white shirt! Oh well. I hopefully will get Andrew to model one so I can have an example of my work for future. Oh well......