Friday, March 18, 2011

The Epic and Glorious story of my very own cake wreck

So it is my birthday on Sunday so I dedicated my only day off this week and a half to making myself a birthday cake. *deep breath* i am not the worlds worst baker, i do make a tasty and well presented cake. Unfortunately today the cake was just not going to work.

First, I have used my two chocolate and vanilla recipes, theses I have used many times with no problem. the choc cakes failed to reach there normal heights, i wasn't worried tho. Then while my vanilla cakes were backing i peeped in the oven to discovered my pan had broken. I like to use sping form pans and have never had a problem but alas my batter was running all over the bottom of the overn. I shoved a tray under the pan to stop it leeking more than had to scrape off the crap from the bottom as it was starting to smoke. all that time with the door open made yet more flat cakes.

Then my gluten free cake, i tried a lovely new vanilla recipe while mixing the cake the mix master decide it wanted to have a RDO and simply stopped mixing...... Yep all was going well. The GF cake took an hour in the oven and it's dry on the outside and soggy in the middle.

No i am not done. i Figured it would still be ok because my trusty Buttercream icing is always a winner and will normally cover up my mistakes...... yep you guessed it, the dam stuff just wouldn't blend properly.

My three teair cake has come down to a complete wreck the supports also arn't doing a very good of supporting and the cake is slumping as we speak. Good thing my family will eat it anyway :)


kelgell said...

Maybe the entire kitchen had something against working today.

Tab said...

Hah. You better not be including me in the family eating after reading all THAT!

You poor thing - sucks when it ALL goes so wrong. *hugs* I will make you a cake [because I love you not bc yours are crap] when I come down. Hopefully the cake gods are appeased and no longer seek to destroy you. Maybe we need to sacrifice something to them, or perhaps they were offended by your regular LF/GF cooking and needed vengeance.

Love you xo