Wednesday, June 15, 2011

cake and migraines

It was Andrews 21st birthday yesterday, yey. A few months ago Cristine (his mum) and I decided we would make him and awesome birthday cake, we through allot of ideas around and i think we were going to do Dr Who or star wars. Unfortunately her surgery meant that we wouldn't be able to the cake together, no need to add more strain then necessary. I decided that the cakes we thought of were too hard by myself so I'd go for some thing simpler and smaller. I'm only learning how to do cakes and i am

Two small 10cm cakes and two medium cakes

The inside was checker board so each layer needed to be constructed like this. I don't have a photo of what the inside ended up looking like but Andrew does :)

Dirty iced the whole thing with buttercream (contains neither cream or butter, go figure)

added fondant in white and multicolor to mimic Lego bricks

The end result has many flaws, but you know what? for my second time using fondant I believe I did good :)

On a different note, I have been getting migraines for years. I don't know when i first got them but i remember having them for allot of my life. Recently they have been getting worse, around one or two time a week. I also have been getting a sore back after sitting for more then an hour. Andrew in his wisdom told me multiple times to go see a chiropractor, so now I have. Here are my x-rays.

(head and neck)
The blue line is were the bones are supposed to be in a normal person. The faint red circle is were my bones are touching (no they are not supposed to be that friendly) and growing new bone to try and support the weight of my big head. hence the added strain on my spine produces migraines.

(back/lower spine)
what can i say? you should see a perfectly straight line...oops
The good news is that it can and will be fixed, the down side is the cost! I should have become a chiropractor! or brought a cheaper car....


Tab said...

oooh, no good on the dodgy neck bones, but yay that you can fix it [all be it a bit expensively] Paying the $$ to get Tiny's neck fixed was well well well worth it even though we could ill-afford it. You can not put a price on your health my love. I hope it gets better soon!

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