Monday, September 12, 2011


I have had a few fun projects on the go, over the last few weeks, all preformed in my tiny space. 

I can now fully appreciate the space i used to have!

 A gift for a two year old, Happy 2nd Birthday Addie
 A gift for a one year old, Happy 1st Birthday Rachael. Yes the traditional gift of plushy meat.....
 Rachael and myself at her party.

My newest dress! I am really quite pleased with it. the folds are placed fairly evenly and although they did give me rather a head ache I think it was worth it. Still deciding on a belt to go with it.


Tab said...

Hey you have a machine!

kelgell said...

Ooo I like Addie's bag. How funkily special! And the plush meat makes me laugh. Nice dress too.

Mini muffin said...

the bag is so cleaver. You are really talented

Katie B said...

thank you :)the machine i am borrowing it of the Bennetts until i can find the part i need for mine!