Friday, September 9, 2011

This is me stealing my parents internet as I currently don't have it connected were I live. I recently moved in with a group of random strangers. Honestly i'ts a very normal yet very odd thing to do, you are putting your trust in to a group of people you have never had a chance to get to know. There are currently two girls and three boys, apparently we are expecting another boy soon. They are defiantly a fun bunch! ages ranging from 22-33yrs

Anyway here are some things i have found interesting:
1. Boys are very easy to live with there easy going and willing to eat food experiments.
2. Boys are also not inclined to clean up after themselves.
3. Boys seem to shed allot of hair! seriously it's worse then mine!
4. when in need of clean clothes boys use dirty jackets jammed full of more dirty clothes instead of a clothes basket. ( I found this rather amusing)

There are a few not so desirable things like the lack of cubourd and fridge space, but i guess that happens with so many people!

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