Friday, October 7, 2011

 This blog post is brought to you by Andrew's house, my Internet USB thing is having troubles getting to my house so I decided to come here. I made a new dress this week, I think I may wear it to my sisters wedding but that has yet to be decided. I have had some trouble getting the zip in and it's looks very rough on one side :s perhaps I should just hold my arms at my sides the entire day? 
 I had an idea of making a white and green poker-dot dress for the wedding but Christine brought me this great Q bed duna cover and I thought it might do instead. What do you think?

 I had just enough space on the floor for my pattern pieces. Yey!

 Please overlook the quality of the pictures. The light in my room is shocking because my window backs on to a high fence.
 I have a petticoat under there but it deficiently doesn't give enough poof for the dress. Looks like I need one with some tulle to keep it stiff

 I also had a lovely business holiday with Ross and Andrew a few weeks ago. Sydney is a really lovely place. I wouldn't mind living there one day.


Hope for us yet said...

Which bit is rough? Would a cardi cover it?

Jodie said...

I could loan you a petticaot - with tulle...for the wedding...

Tab said... Guess I'd better not make this for the wedding now, damn it! You can use my petticoat if you want, its a nice width, check my wedding pics. Its blue too :)

Katie B said...

Jodie- Thanks but I have been looking for a good enough excuse to make a new petticoat :)

Tab. yes you showed me the one that you wore to mikys, nice and puffy ! And you can so make that dress! I have a similar pattern if you wanted to borrow it, no idea what size it would be tho. What's wrong with having two well dressed people?

kelgell said...

I like the fabric from the doona cover. It works so well. But I still think you should make a polka dot one sometime too. It would just be too sad not to.