Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today i completed on of the tasks assigned from Make & Mend,
Use fabric you already have for any new project.

I have had this fabric for a while now, i got if from my Andrew as a birthday gift, but i was looking for the perfect pattern. Unfortunately the idea exists only in my head....... so i decided to make one of my favorites. I already have two dresses from this pattern so i knew i wouldn't stuff it or at least i was hoping i wouldn't. The belt is a bit hard to see, but trust me it works :) at the moment i have to wear the boots in an attempt to keep my legs warm, but i would usually wear a nice little pair of pumps with this.

I don't remember if this was an e-bay purchase or a garage sale item. When the weather warms up in a few months i want to make a similar dress to the red floral in the middle. i have some lovely green floral saved for the dress, but the fabric was at the end of the roll and i will need to be super careful with the cutting of the fabric to try and fit all the pieces in.


Jodie said...

Great pattern ! The dress looks fantastic.

Tab said...

I very much like the neckline.

Splashes of joy said...

thank you :)