Tuesday, January 11, 2011

oh little Clementine

Clementine Audrey Schultz. Born 1.05pm 9/01/2011 via VBAC. [That means normal birth :)]. Weight 3.26kgs [7 pound 4 ounces], length 52cm, head circumference 33cm. and lost of lovely hair!
Yey! my little nice has arrived :) so i made a cake.... Please forgive the roughness and not so good quality of the cake, it's my first butter cream. I started after tea (with much enthusiasm) and by the time ten o'clock came around I had almost lost interest. I tried my first roses and they failed but i was not expecting them to work so I'm not worried :) it's all about learning But here it is...

The strange pattern is an result of my attempt at an smoothing technique, it did work to a degree. But as you see the paper towel i was using held a pattern that embossed the cake . Oh well
The swirls were too thick and the only round tip i had was far to big.
ohh look at my Christmas cake plate :)

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Tab said...

Oh a cake in her honour!!!! I wish I could eat some of it!!!